What is Astonia 3 Resurrection?

Astonia 3 Resurrection is a FREE-TO-PLAY clone of the Astonia 3 game by Intent Software. Astonia 3 Resurrection is an MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Astonia. There are two classes to choose from, a mighty warrior or a tactful mage. Players gain experience by solving quests and killing monsters. However, there is a twist! Instead of your base attributes being chosen for you like in most MMORPGs, you get to choose how your character gains skills. The game offers a unique perspective in character building, which offers highly customized characters. The competitive PVP clan system is in place to test your skills against other players.

The Astonia 3 Resurrection team is always working to develop new content to extend the lands of Astonia. What are you waiting for? Astonia 3 Resurrection will always be free. There are no hidden fees and no obligations. Just create an account and get in the game!


If you would like to contribute to the funding of Astonia 3 Resurrection, you can purchase donor tokens from the link below. Your contribution goes directly to the costs to keep the server running. Donor tokens can be used for many things in the game, the most common being the donor bonus which gives a 25% experience and 50% military experience boost for one month at the cost of 1 token. If you would like to purchase tokens, you can Donate Now!

Recent Updates

Our changelog is back in action! All updates will continue to be posted both here and on the forum.

Please see our forum for more details about the recent updates.