Astonia 3 Resurrection is a free-to-play game, but much of our operating expenses are covered by donations from our players. For this reason we have decided to implement benefits for donations. Many of these benefits are listed below.

Benefit Cost (Tokens)
Donor bonus (25% exp, 50% mil exp) 1/month
Deneg Shrine 5
SC Seyan 15
HC Seyan 20
Custom item sprites 1 - 5

Every dollar donated to Astonia 3 Resurrection goes directly toward the costs of running, enhancing and maintaining the game. Our top priority is to create the best possible experience for you and to make sure you have fun playing our game. We truly appreciate your donations and to show our appreciation we have revamped our donation system to give more tokens for larger donations. See the chart below:

Donation Tokens
$1 1
$10 11
$100 115
$1000 1200

To donate to the game, enter your information into the fields below and we will automatically redirect you to PayPal to complete the donation. The donation amount has been limited to $10000 to prevent fake values from being entered, we doubt anyone will want to donate that much, but if you do we would give you 15000 tokens and a trip to Vegas to party with two of the founders of the game!