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Who's Online - 11 characters currently online.

Top 100 - See who has made it the farthest!

Spawn Timer - See a list of spawn times!

Spawn Statistics - See a list of the top spawners!

Astonia Forum - Talk about the game and such.

Stat Calculator - Create builds. Currently in testing phase.

Astonia Wiki - Wiki with more information about the game.

Encyclopedia Astonica - Maps and guides for most of the quests.

The Team - The Astonia III Resurrection team and credits.

Clan Overview

Clan NameJewelsMembersWebsite

Blood Wolves471701No Site

Charity Case8192No Site


Extreme Domination114186No Site

Vicious Circle7824No Site

Forged Resurrection122374Website


Hit Squad99176Website

Game of Spawns13382Website

Prestige Worldwide98194No Site